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Michael Hartley
07941 488851

Welcome To Leeds Psychotherapy

I imagine if you have come to the Leeds Psychotherapy website you are having difficulties in your life. Maybe you are experiencing stress, emotional or relationship difficulties and feel like you need professional help to deal with it. By making this first step you now have the opportunity to make things different.

As Einstein said, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the level of thinking that created them.”

So seeking help doesn’t mean that you are weak or inadequate in some way. It means you are taking your life seriously and have the drive to make it different but at the moment you need some guidance in helping you achieve what you desire. This motivation is crucial in making the changes you want.

I invite you to take time to read the contents of this website. If then you think I can be of help please call me and we can meet up and talk about how we proceed.

To arrange an initial consultation please call on 07941 488851 or Email then we can discuss what you need.


Psychotherapy can help us:

  • Take control of our life
  • Reduce conflict – internal and interpersonal
  • Deal with depression
  • Deal with bereavement
  • Overcome difficult feelings: anxiety, anger, grief, fear
  • Deal with stress
  • Deal with panic attacks
  • Overcome repetitive life patterns
  • Overcome sexual difficulties – past or present
  • Deal with abuse – past or present
  • Deal with self-limiting beliefs
  • Deal with obsessive behaviour
  • Deal with the after-effects of trauma
  • Cope with psychiatric illness
  • Overcome addictions
  • Stop smoking
  • Change our negative thinking
  • Increase the quality of our relationships
  • Learn how to succeed
  • Increase our self-esteem
  • Learn new parenting skills
  • Find meaning and purpose in life