Couples Therapy

Couples+Therapy_4057dc63-c0f5-4090-b5e6-2ca403c2a687Couples therapy is usually the right thing to do when you are facing some difficulty between you
such as an affair or repeating conflicts. You may feel that your relationship is losing intimacy and
you wish to reconnect with each other or are finding it hard to adjust to the changing phases which
your relationship is experiencing.
The main purpose of couples therapy is to improve your knowledge about yourself, your partner
and the way you relate with each other.
With increasing knowledge of these three areas it becomes possible to break the repetitive
patterns you may find yourselves in, increase intimacy between you and find ways of growing
I have worked as a couples therapist for about 10 years seeing couples for weekly sessions.
Working with couples is a major part of my work as a therapist.
I am a member of the Couples Institute.
If you would like to arrange an initial session then please call me on 07941 488851.