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It may seem a little daunting to find the right therapist, especially when life is feeling difficult and maybe you don’t quite know what you need. I’ve met many people who have been in this position and found relief when they experience a warm, compassionate engagement while they tell their story. When we experience being listened to at a deep level this can change how we experience our inner struggles and find more ease within ourselves even though, initially, the external circumstances have not changed. But we have changed. Maybe this feels small but it is a vital shift in enabling us to face what is difficult.

I offer a half price first session to make it easier for you to discover if doing therapy with me feels right for you. Spending this time together is the best way to assess this. 

In helping people to deal with what they are uneasy about I draw on nearly 40 years of clinical experience. I have been working in full-time psychotherapy practice since 1999. However my career started in 1985 working with children within a progressive child and adolescent unit as High Royd’s Hospital and later in adult psychiatric services in York.

This gave me a clear insight into how our sense of self is influenced and shaped by the circumstances we are in and also how we resolve this. Many of our difficulties are repetitions of what has become unconscious but is trying to find resolution. So there is cause for optimism even in our darkest of times!

Please feel free to explore the contents of this website and if you think you can make use of what I have to offer then please call me on 07941 488851 and we can arrange an initial consultation and talk about how we proceed. 

Warm Regards,
Mick Hartley RMN, BSc (Psychol) Certified Transactional Analyst, UKCP Registered. 
Psychotherapy Can Help With:
  • Take control of our life
  • Reduce conflict: internaland interpersonal
  • Overcome our struggles
  • Deal with depression 
  • Find meaning and purpose in life
  • Overcome difficult feelings: anxiety, anger grief, fear
  • Deal with stress
  • Cope with psychiatric illness
  • Increase the quality of our relationships
  • Deal with panic attacks
  • Overcome repetitive life patterns
  • Get out of our stuck experiences
  • Grow and develop
  • Learn new parenting skills
  • Overcome sexual difficulties: past or present
  • Deal with domestic abuse: past or present
  • Deal with self-limiting beliefs
  • Discover who we are
  • Stop smoking
  • Increase our self awareness
  • Learn how to succeed
  • Increase our self-esteem
  • Deal with obsessive behaviour
  • Change our negative thinking
Thank you for visiting my website

Hello and welcome to the Leeds Psychotherapy website. My name is Mick Hartley. I am a qualified psychotherapist and have been in private practice since 1995. Prior to this I worked in the psychiatric services within NHS from 1986.

I offer psychotherapy for individuals and couples.

What you can find on this website

This website has information about what psychotherapy is and how it may help you. You can also find information about the types of issues you can address in psychotherapy. There is also information about psychotherapy for couples which you may find helpful if you are considering couples therapy.

Further to this I have written a brief outline of my work so you have some knowledge about me, what my experience and level of expertise is. I have included this because I believe choosing the right therapist is a crucial ingredient in the success of psychotherapy. I hope this information is of use to you.

If you want to discuss anything further or want to arrange an initial consultation then call me on 07941 488851

I hope you find what you are looking for.

“Before I went to Mick, I was not good at talking to anyone about personal things. I was a closed book and did not trust anyone. I was good at holding in yet it was starting to bubble over. I knew I could not go on as I was.  I was at a very low point in my life. I was feeling overwhelmed with my current situation and it was affecting my day to day life. I felt alone and trapped. I just could not understand why I felt the way I did. I was estranged from my partner, my family and contact with my friends had reduced. I believed others had more to worry about than me. I did not want to bother anyone and blamed myself for most things. I was so hard on myself. I was not in a good place. It felt like I was spiralling down a deep hole. I lost tonnes of weight and was not taking care of myself. Emotionally or physically. I was exhausted and knew I had stopped caring. As time went on I began to notice a change in myself. I learnt to better understand why I responded and felt the way I did. There was no pressure to talk about things I was not comfortable with. Yet when I did, I felt supported and listened to throughout. Mick was able to challenge the unhelpful way I related to myself in a gentle way and helped me become more self-aware. I learned to ask for what I needed and began to think differently. I was not so hard on myself. I learnt that I did not have to take all the blame. Mick was kind, caring and patient. Reaching out for help was the defining moment for me, I could not see the positives of my life yet I can now. Mick helped me help myself. He showed me how to disentangle things and guided me thorough my confusion. There were tonnes of reflection, tears and learning yet also some humour too when appropriate. I felt these were precious moments that helped me immensely. He enabled me to find my inner strength and beauty and to celebrate it. Being me is ok and I like that. I am still learning yet I now have some tools to communicate in a different way with others and myself”


“I remember when I first decided that I could not go on as I was and googled psychotherapist.  I was terrified and desperate.  Thank goodness you were the one that came up as I know if I had not liked the person I would probably not have tried another one.

Little did I know how life changing and important this relationship would end up being. I have moved from being a very depressed, crushed person into someone who is comfortable and confident in my own skin. You have helped me work through both long standing issues and traumatic life events. This has led to me taking steps that I would never have made room for before, such as going to Uni and starting my own business.

You are one of the smartest people I know and what we have achieved in that weird little room week after week is nothing short of remarkable. I sometimes catch myself being patient, calm, kinder and laugh at how I would have dealt with it previous to therapy.  I used to be very ashamed of having to see a therapist, I thought I would come a couple of times get fixed and then leave. I am now very proud of the work we have done together and recommend it to everyone.”


“I have been seeing Mick for many years now. All I ask myself is why I didn’t start seeing him a lot sooner. This is me time, time to reflect, time to learn. I’ve learned so much about myself, I’ve formed stronger secure relationships at home and at work. I manage situations in far better ways, I’m level head, use better language, clearer with my thoughts, robust and happy. I highly recommend Mick, he is caring knowledgeable and an unbelievable facilitator to help me speak with myself.” 

Jonny Ross – digital marketer 

In 2017 I started seeing Mick Hartley for psycho-therapy sessions on a weekly basis. Looking back, that now feels like a lifetime ago, because of the many changes and realisations that Mick has brought me to.

Back then I had got to a point in my life where I felt completely lost with who I was and what I was doing here; carrying a low self-esteem and little respect for myself, with no belief in my capabilities. Blindly stumbling through life consumed by my habitual patterns of drug and alcohol abuse, I could not even see, much less admit to the damage I was causing myself, both physically and mentally. 

Over the 2 ½  years seeing Mick, these sessions helped me unravel my childhood traumas, to see things more clearly and to understand how I have unknowingly been carrying my anguish throughout the years.

Also, through my own natural curiosity I began to question life and suffering. I turned to spirituality, Philosophy, looking to understand different civilised and uncivilised cultures, and seeking alternative medicines in order to get a better perspective of myself and the world I am in

Mick’s broad knowledge and experience helped me slowly toward a better understanding of how much better than I had thought, the world and people can be. Through his patient, kind and gentle guidance I eventually found it easier and easier to open up during the sessions, even if the realisations I came to caused me initial distress. 

By helping me to question my emotions and long-held beliefs about myself and how I believed I was viewed by others, Mick guided me towards realising and accepting that I am a good, loving, capable, beautiful, funny and intelligent human being. It was my “upbringing” which had caused me to deny those, and other qualities, in order to protect myself. 

So, in conclusion I would like to say how much I really love and respect what Mick and I have done to turn me around, to embrace life instead of fighting with it. There is still plenty of inner work to be done, but now on a much better path. Thank you for your support and guidance.